Lillie Belle Barber is a fictional character on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless. She has been portrayed by two actresses: Norma Donaldson (1990-1994) and Robin Braxton (1994).

Brief Character HistoryEdit

Lillie Belle Barber is the mother of Olivia and Drucilla Barber. She favored her older daughter, Olivia, because Drucilla was the product of Walter and Lillie Belle having unprotected sex. The favoritism of Olivia over Drucilla causes Dru to run away from home to Genoa City as a teenager. Years later, when Lillie Belle and Walter reunite with Drucilla during a visit to Genoa City, she discovers the truth about her conception. Walter assures Drucilla that he always accepted her despite the fact that the pregnancy was unplanned. Olivia was furious over this revelation and berated her mother mercilessly for mistreating her sister for her whole life. Later, Lillie Belle returns to town after leaving Walter and she decides to live with Olivia and her husband Nathan Hastings